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A Random Selection of Pictures from Last Years Outings, by Club Members the winter visiting to Winter visiting birds
Tints of Winter in Glentogher.
Saturday, 5th January 2019. You could be forgiven for describing today's outing as lacklustre. The dull grey lifeless sky, the lack of spectacular wildlife and the plant-life that has yet to show its splendour did not bode well for the new season. But such an atmosphere inclines us to look for other aspects of nature. The silence only highlighted those aspects that we tend to ignore. As we moved through the wooded slopes of Glentogher our attention was drawn to the startling cries of the Wren, the squelch of our boots on the sodden mossy paths. Our eyes were drawn to the colourful buds of the common Alder, springing up like alternative Christmas trees, the colours and hues of the mosses and lichens and the ancient trees with their decorations of Ramalina. A buzzard gliding swiftly below us in search of prey caught our attention. Taking our refreshments in the open air in January lent to the special flavour of the day. As we moved through Creehennan, we stopped to watch a male Buzzard atop a conifer, surveying the sombre landscape. Birdlife was slightly more abundant as we descended towards the Foyle with a large raft of Eider on the opaque surface of the lough. Grey Heron, Black Guillemot, Curlew, Great Northern Diver and Great Crested Grebe also dotted the water. And so ended our first foray into the Natural World of Inishowen. We look forward to many more........... Thanks to Jim Toland for today's report.
Sunday 6th. January 2019. Above are pictures of a large flock of Barnacle Geese, taken late this afternoon at Mc Sheffreys Bridge near Malin Town by one of our members.
The January Bird Count.
Sat. 12th. January 2019. Our assembly point on this grey storm tossed day for the purpose of doing the monthly winter count of the resident and winter visiting birds that frequent this place, where on a day more summer like than today's it's referred to as "The Lake of Shadows" But today with the grey demented waters of the Lake squirming like hosts of angry sea monsters, conjured up from some Chinese mythological story, flashing their white foamy teeth as they contemptuously bit into the sandy shore with such intensity that the little waders like Dunlin, Sanderling, Ringed Plover and even the larger Oystercatcher were to be found huddled in groups on the rocks at the Buncrana Pier to avoid it's scolding outbursts. The larger species such as the variety of Gulls, that at times seamed to enjoy the windy conditions, or on other times they sat very close to Mother Earth to avoid the buffeting of the gale. ............ This was the case as we worked our way to the Fahan Creek area, and then to the the Island of Inch where our task was completed . ........ Although the day was stormy, the temperature was at most times in double figures, rather exceptional for mid January.
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