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A random selection of Fora and Faune pictures taken over the past year.
Nature Prepairing for Spring on this January Day.
Saturday 4th. January 2020. With the joys and traditional biblical stories of the festival of Christmas still reverberating in our minds, we decided for our first Club Outing of 2020. to reverse one of these stories. The one that revealed the Magi journeying from the East bearing gifts seamed appropriate, so we set off to the Moville region, on the eastern boundary of our Inishowen Peninsula, bearing cameras and other optical accoutrements, with no guiding star, but the glowing brightness of the morning sun. ........ Our journey commenced under cloudless skies and pleasant temperatures with a stop at the Culdaff River Estuary, where we were surprised and disappointed, as it was devoid of all the usual birds that frequent this popular area, with the exception of a few Gulls, mostly Greater-black Backed. This absence of birds seemed to set the pattern for the remainder of the outing. ........... On our arrival at our destination of Moville, we spent a considerable time, (with the generous permission of the owner) to wander through their beautiful Woodland, to a symphony of perfect silence, and where Nature had the many plants awaiting the arrival of Spring already displaying their young buds,and little coloured flowers into this playground of Nature. ........... After lunch, we went to Inishowen Head, where by now the sky had morphed into a grey mess, with the breeze strengthening and light rain falling. we decided to head back to Base.
Saturday 10th. January 2020. No Field Outing today due to a severe weather warning for our northern region, hopefully conditions will be replaced by the more placid kind for next Saturday.
The January Bird Count 2020.
Saturday 18th. January 2020. What a wonderful day today was, after the meteorological disturbances of the past week, when we were subjected to storm force gales, often laced with heavy rainfall, while at higher altitudes frost and snow decorated the mountains and farmlands. ......... On this occasion it was a day of sunshine wrapped in the merest whisper of a breeze that had the still waters of Lough Swilly reflecting a perfect upside-down image of the surrounding hills and countryside. ........... All of this made our most enjoyable task of starting off the 20-20 Season of our contribution to the Bird Count on the Lough and it's shoreline a lot easier. ............ After the completion of our count to the usual high standard, a short time was enjoyed noting the amazing flocks of Geese, mostly Greylag , but interspersed amongst them were White-fronted, Pink-feet, and a very small number of Barnacle. This display had a bountiful background of Whopper Swans, all enjoying the rich large acreage of verdant grass.. .......... This was the scene available from the length of the Slob Road and to the main car park at the Lake.
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