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A random selection of images from past club outings.
Saturday 2nd. January 2021. On this, cold, bleak, Winter morning, from its pulpit on a leafless branch of a Hawthorn Hedge a Robin, in it's dribbling tones, delivered a sermon to an awakening world, on the miracle of spring's return. .........To those that look, it has already started with the formation of the buds on shrubs and trees, also the emergence of the green shoots of Daffodils and Lesser Celandine, stealthily making their appearance. So much to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead !
Wednesday 6th. January 2021. We received today from our dutch member Wil Buis, the above pictures of five birds, and states that all of them, with the exception of the Smew, are on the red list in the Netherlands.
At this midwinter time and pandemic uncertainty, we look forward to an unknown day, and an unknown time, when we can once again enjoy natures bounty, with heavenly choral renditions from the birds, augmented by the humming chorus of bees and insects, the fluttering of Butterflies, all in a setting of gentle, fresh, greenness, warmed by beams of bright warm sunshine. ............. Well, we all can dream !!!!
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